Welcome to Chapter 4, the last chapter of book 1! (provided I ever get around to printing, of course)  Originally the cover was going to show Eolill as a body builder on a beach with palm trees… but I thought this was just as funny and more in keeping with the tone of the comic.  I got a chance to play around with shading a little, too — and with drawing ropes.  Oh man did I draw ropes!  They look nice, right?  5 hours worth, right? No? …no, I didn’t think so, either.  BUT I COULDN’T GIVE UP ON THOSE POOR ROPES!  So here they are!

As a side note: I think I changed what the layout for chapter covers was going to be like three times between the cover for chapter 3 and 4 before finally settling on this layout.  Let’s see if I change it again before the next chapter (pretty satisfied, though, so I’ll probably keep this one and update the older ones to match).